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Dear CZ'ers
As I will be there in Campulung as of Oct. 12th (after my visit to
Czernowitz for the Ghetto Walk ) I will be happy to send a report on the a=
ctivities to
anyone who makes a donation. Also, anyone who would prefer that I bring=
their donation to Florentin personally, please email me and we can make th=

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CZERNOWITZ-L Digest for Sunday, September 07, 2008.

1. Re: [Cz-L] Popovici Monument
2. [Cz-L] the project from Romania about Traian Popovici> very


Subject: [Cz-L] the project from Romania about Traian Popovici> very
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Dear Czernowitzers,

These days I went to Czernowitz with the
intention of a collaboration with the Romanian
Consulate from there. I succeeded in arousing
interest in sustaining the activities of
promoting Traian Popovici's attitude. I informed
the General Consul about your efforts of placing
a plate in Czernowitz and about the activities
I'm going to carry on in Romania.

In this respect, I want to inform you about the
program. Maybe some of you want to participate in
both the events:

1. October, 17th- the inauguration of the
School "Traian Popovici" in Fundu Moldovei and
the unveiling of the monument (the bust is made
of bronze and it will be placed in front of the
school in a park which is in progress of being
arranged, near Traian Popovici's tomb)
2. October, 18th- Symposium in Campulung
Moldovenesc ( 15 km away from Fundu Moldovei and
150 km away from Czernowitz)
3. October, 19th- a trip with 40-50 persons
in Czernowitz. There, we will be seen at the
Consulate, put in touch with the Romanian press
 from there. We also try to get an approval of
being seen by the mayor of the city.

As you can see, all these activities have as a
unique purpose, a campaign of mediating of what
Traian Popovici did. It is a huge physical and
financial effort that we have done until now. I
must inform you that all we did was possible due
to the sponsors and to the support from Fundu
Moldovei Town Hall and from the Minister of
Culture. We do not have other financial support.

Because we still need money for this campaign
both in Romania as well as the trip in
Czernowitz, I appeal with all my heart to your
support, too. I've been hesitating to ask for
your support, but now I'm doing it for two

1. Because of the financial difficulties. At
the moment, we still need approximately 5000
euro. Of course, I don't expect you to cover the
entire sum by yourselves. But your smallest
support counts a lot.
2. I honestly believe that those who want to
express the gratitude towards Traian Popovici to
do it. I'm not a Jew, but this doesn't matter. On
the other hand, I'm impressed by Traian
Popovici's personality and I want it to be known
by as many people as possible. What is important
is the fact that everyone should express the
gratitude in all the ways we consider adequate.
All the more so as those who owe him even their

Of course, I don't want and intend to minimize
your efforts of placing the plate in Czernowitz.
But if there is more that it can be done, why
shouldn't we be happy of these opportunities?

Is it possible for Popovici to become as famous
and known as Schindler? Or even more? DependsŠ

Schindler became an international hero due to a
Jew who wanted to express his gratitude. And for
this he made insistent efforts. And he made it!
What about Popovici? Can it be done the same with
him? In Romania, there is a favorable background.
In Ukraine, the sameŠIt is up to us to decide
where we want to stop!!!

I hope you don't consider my solicitude as a very
daring one. It is an appeal made with the
conviction that it is received as it is and
together we will show that human attitudes are
not forgotten.

For those who are really interested in
financially supporting us as much as he/she can,
please contact me in order to send a picture with
the monument and the park as they are drawn in
the project. I can't do it for the entire group
because the sculptor has the author rights until
the project is over. I hope this picture will
convince you that the Association "Traian
Popovici" is a serious one and has serious

Yours sincerely,

Florentin Lehaci


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