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Dear All,

This is what I was able to find out about the school-children
who were suppose to come help the volunteers clear the cemetery
of weeds and bushes.

Two days before the volunteers were supposed to leave Chernivtsi,
Mr. Lev Kleyman came to the cemetery and offered on the following day
to bring a group of children to help the volunteers in clearing
the cemetery. The next day Mr. Kleyman came to the cemetery again,
bringing cakes or cookies and apologized that he could not bring the children.

I think that Mr. Kleyman had made his offer sincerely, but could not
do what he had offered. The volunteers had not given this information
to the newspapers and do not know how it got there.

I am quite sure, that there was no sinister plot, or any kind of plot,
just a promise which could not be fulfilled and somehow was picked up
by the newspapers.

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