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Dear All
Once again I am trying this group's wonderful collective memory ;
A friend from Haifa whose mother was Sali Muller[Miller] from czernowitz
born in 1920 to Luvich Lodwig Lehr (b.in Bojan in 1896 and Mina Muller b.
in Sadigora in 1896), would like to verify a family lore.
Luvich was the son of Avrum Lehr and Sara Werner.
Family lore is that Sara Werner's nephew Bernhard Werner(son of Leo) was a
prominent citizen of Bukowina, serving as a high commissioner at the Red
Cross offices in Geneva between the two wars. Although there is a PT for him
at Yad Vashem, Family insists that he died circa 1938 in Czernowitz and
survived by a gentile wife ,Lisbeth, whose industrialist father from
Bulgaria paid a lot of money trying to save the family from the Germans.
My questions are: Did any of you hear about this family members? about
Bernahrd Werner or wife Lisbeth who according to story was a real beauty?
Bernahrd had a sister by the name Edith who married Heinrich Ferenbach and
both perished, and a sister Louise who married Geo Rolland, both perished.
Sali muller by the way studied at a Girls only Gymnasium in Cz and finished
in 1938.
Anything about this family will be greatly appreciated.
Lea Haber Gedalia
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