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Dear CZers,
As many of you know I will be in CZ from Oct. 8th until Oct. 13th for Yom
Kipper and the Ghetto Walk.
After Oct. 13th I will be traveling to Campulung for about 2 weeks to
continue my research on
Olga Kobylianska. Why I am researching this famous writer and the
connections I have found between my life and hers, is a long story. However part of my
search has been with regard to a possible connection between Olga and the
Jews. I have recently found the following article about how a survivor from CZ
attributes her survival to Olga! If you are interested, please cut and past
the following link into your brower. The story will be on page three.
All comments, and especially any memories of Olga Kobylianska when you were
a child, would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you very much, Cora Schwartz


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