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Dear Fellow CZ-connectedJews,

Bottom line first. I suggest we leave the Popovici Plaque [PP] design and
"implementation" issue in the hands of Mimi Taylor. She has acheived a lot
to date and will do what is best for the collective interest of the CZ
descendants. I know that Mimi will do the best job possible under the
circumstances and that is more than good enough.

 From the amount of email on the Popovici Plaque [PP], it is obvious that
this subject has re-energized the group to the level of traffic not seen
since the 2006 CZ reunion.

Unfortunately, the dissention and "quibbling", squabbling, and such also
brings to mind Milton Viorst's book "What Shall I Do With This People?" The
author tells the political history of the Jews from ancient times to current
Israel and raises a valid, if scary question: Are Jews, despite our
intellectual brilliance, a governable people? In simpler words, given the
right to govern outself, can we do it?

I hope that the answer is YES, we are a governable people -- if we have good
leaders. On the PP issue, we have a good leader and I suggest we allow her
to lead.


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