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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

In answer to Hardy's letter:

Please be patient, or at least do not jump to the worst
possible conclusion. The committee which is supposed to
give the authorization for the plaque, met this last Monday,
two days ago. I am sure they had other petitions to decide upon
as well. It may take a few days for them to notify the petitioners.

I do not know all the current Jewish inhabitants of Chernivtsi.
Neither does anyone else on our list. So, how about giving them
the benefit of the doubt? How about waiting to find out whether
our worst suspicions are true, before assuming that they are?

When I last was in Chernivtsi, I found Dr. Bursuc,
Natalya Shevchenko and Rabbi Kofmanski, all very helpful
in promoting the same goals, members of this list are pursuing.

This morning, I phoned Dr. Bursuc and he told me that,
either tomorrow or on Friday, he expects to get the committee's
decision about the plaque. Also this morning I received from
Natalya Shevchenko, photographs of the interior of the Jewish museum.
I will send these to Jerome, to be put up on the "ehpes" website.
I do not know and cannot tell whether the exhibits include
the Holocaust and I am not going to ask. Natalya Shevchenko
is not accountable to me.


> Hi All,
> How long will it take until they decide ?
> A week ? A month ? A year ?
> Here was a man ( who was a Rumanian , but does it matter ?)
> who saved 20,000 Czernowitzer ( who were Jews ,but does it matter ?)
> for 60 years ,forgotten in the town and by the town.
> Was it not their task to point him out and remember him ?
> Instead they do everything possible to make us give up.
> Somebody said that we do not know how to approach
> local officials , we lack the mentality.
> We dont have the knack of doing business there.
> We have the local Jews but they seem not very interested
> and better keep in the shadow.
> Hardy

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