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 From the 600 program:
Eröffnung des Denkmals zur 600-Jahrfeier
(Grünanlage an der Ecke Golowna-Schkilna-Straße)
  Opening of memorial for the 600 jubilee at greenery at corner
  Donated by Ian Tabachnik.
  Yes Austriaplatz was the market.
   Here is a picture of the fireworks on the first night of celebration sat=
    See the hundreds of of cellular phone cameras in use.
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> Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>
> Dear Hardy,
> What was this square called before?
> And what is the monument a memorial to?
> By the way, was the Austria Platz the location of the market?
> Sometimes my old memories do not mesh with my new ones.
> Mimi
>> This is the new Tabachnyk Square.
>> Corner Hauptstrasse - Schulgasse.
>> Across the Catholic Pfarrkirche on the Hauptstrasse.
>> The memorial monument was donated by Ian Tabachnik.
>> Ian Tabachnik is a most famous accordeon virtuoso.
>> Very much known in the Eastern European countries
>> but not only there.
>> A son of Czernowitz and Jewish .
>> Hardy

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