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Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2008 23:27:02 -0400
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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

Dear Paula and members of the Cz.-List.

I have already written to both the designer and to Dr. Bursuc,
to leave the number on the plaque at 19 600, as originally stated.
Dr. Radu Ioanid , did not suggest that I change the number to
17 000, because he thought that this number would be more acceptable
to the Chernivtsi city administration. He suggested that I change
the number, because 2600 of those saved by Popovici from being
deported in 1941, were deported in 1942.
My own opinion was, that there were valid reasons to claim either
number as the correct one, but after receiving a number of letters,
all of them strongly insisting that the number on the plaque
remain 19 600, I decided to follow the wishes expressed by members
of the list.

Your history confirms the opinion of all those who thought,
19600 to be the right number to put on the plaque.

Gmar Chatima Tova and best wishes to all,



> Dear Mimi and fellow Cz's, I was among those for whom Traian Popovici signed
> an exemption from the November 1941 deportations to Transnistria...I am also
> among those who was later deported to Transnistria in June, 1942.
> Nevertheless I consider myself to have been "saved" on the basis of the
> exemption he signed, since it is unlikely that I would have survived that
> brutal winter of 1941, when people were dropping dead by the hundreds all
> along the way...
> All things being equal I tend to agree with Hardy, though Dr. Radu Ioanid,
> for whom I have tremedous respect, is in a better position than I to assess
> how the political winds are blowing these days in Cz ...
> Gmar Chatima Tova to you all.
> Paula Gris
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