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Welcome back Charles,
    Thank you for your eye - opening report.
   This is the first time we get a report that comes from the City Hall.
  Slowly we begin to understand what goes on and what are the motives
   that make the decisions.
    Until now we attributed everything to anti jewish sentiments.
     Now in order to make things easier to understand we have to involve
     Antonescu-Calotescu-Molotow and Ribentropp.
       And all we wanted was to place a slab of black stone on a wall
      saying that we pay tribute to a man who did something good.
       So the question is the legality of the Rumanian rule 1941-1944.
        By giving T.P. the title of mayor and using the Rumanian language
       on the plate will give legal status to the illegal Rumanian
         Do we want this ? Let's see what comes out .
            The number of Jews in Czernowitz : The number according to most
          reliable Czernowitzer Jewish Community sources is : 1000 or 2000
or 3000.
          Probably due to many undercover Jews who prefer to go

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Hello everybody!
I was 3 full days in Cz, left Monday morning for Kiev and arrived back home
two hours ago. The reason I couldn’t stay longer is that I promised my
daughter to be there for her 21st birthday on October 8th…
I quickly went through the Cz-List mails exchanged during the two last weeks
and, although exhausted, I want you to know the following about Traian
Popovici’s plate – I’ll try to write a more detailed “report” during the
I met successively with 5 members (2 of them being Jewish) of the city
council, which counts a total of 60 members. I know, Hardy, that’s only some
9 percent…
I also had an opportunity to visit the board room in the city hall where the
portraits of previous mayors of the town are hanging on the walls: the last
Jewish mayor of Cz is there, but TP’s portrait isn’t because the 1941-44
period is considered by some extremist members of the council as a period of
occupation. I’m told that the mayor himself wouldn’t object to call TP a
“mayor” (but should those who were appointed after him during this period
also appear?) and to include the Rumanian text on the plate, but it’s a
question of majority in the council votes.
The plate was to be discussed today (Tuesday) during a council meeting and
the five members I met said at the end of our discussions that they will
support the plate to be done according to our whishes (by the way, my mother
and I survived in the ghetto as clandestines) – so I gave them the following
argument: “You accept the 1918-1940 period of Rumanian rule. Therefore, by
denying the legality of the Rumanian period 1941-44, you consider the
Ribbentrop-Molotov pact as legal and valid. Is that what you want?” I know
that such an argument wouldn’t convince the real extremists in the council,
but it might slightly influence some of those who hesitate and are to weak
to take position. Anyway, I prefer to have good surprises rather than bad
ones, and therefore I do not expect them to agree to the title “mayor” nor
to the Rumanian text… but maybe…?
Another point is that, at an official reception, I asked the Rabbi (forgot
his name; he came with a streymel on his head, a long black coat, etc.) how
many Jews there are in Cz: 1000, he said. Other people (Jews and Goys) told
me figures between 2000 and 3000, but they confirmed that there are about 10
different organizations fighting each other: this explains why the Jewish
representation in Cz is so weak… Pity!

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