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Dear Paula,
The ghetto was established on October 11, 1941. All the Jews had to move un=
til 6:00 p.m. in an area were 10,000 Jews lived and 45,000 others had to mov=
ed in now. Within a few hours, the area was closed with barbed wire. It was =
just one gate which could be used to leave the ghetto guarded by gendarmes.
After some days, the ghetto was extended to some more streets.
On October 14, was organized the first convoy of deportation. The day after=
 began the tractations for authorizations to stay. At the end of the year, t=
he ghetto was break up and the Jews were allowed to return to their houses, =
in general, turned upside down and plundered.
I hope these elements will help you.
Gmar hatima tova
Florence Heymann
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