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Hello everyone,

I have several pieces of information to share. I have put together a =
small photo album from the cemetery project, mostly photos of the =
volunteers themselves. Now that they have received letters from some of =
you, I thought it would be nice for you to see some photos of us! Since =
this is my first attempt at sharing photos thru one of these sites =
(Flikr) , I am not sure it has actually gone through. If not, I will try =

Meanwhile, here is a link to a story that I wrote which was published =
this week in the Jewish Journal of the North Shore. (north of Boston.) =
It is a recounting of my experience in Czernowitz this summer. =20


I am very interested in having the story published in any other papers, =
Jewish or not, that might be interested. I would really like to promote =
the cemetery project and encourage others to participate in the future. =
if anyone has connections at other papers please let me know.

On another note( pun intended!I I wanted to share more information about =
the musician Shantel and his song, Bucovina. The song is not only =
terrific, it must be really popular in Ukraine, I heard it several times =
on the radio while I was there. I don't know the rest of his music, but =
I have a CD that I highly recommend, called Gypsy Groove. It is a =
compilation of a dozen or so artists, put out by Putamayo. =
Interestingly, the liner notes say that although Shantel's grandmother =
is from Bucovina (He is German) , the song is actually based on a =
classic Trinidadian calypso melody. (I can't hear that at all!)

Also on the album is a song by the Amsterdam Klezmer Band called =
"Sadagora Hot Dub" which also seems to be connected to Shantel, as =
well as bands from Israel, the U.S. Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, =
and Uzbekistan. It's all kind of modern balkan/gypsy/klezmer/ blended =
stuff. Really exuberant. I saw the band from New York, Luminescent =
Orchestrii, in Boston recently. I'm listening to the CD right now! Check =
it out at:


Regards, Joanna
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