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Dear all,
I remember "Pinie der Chazen" (Pinchas Spector) very well. I was a young
member of his choir (soprano) at the age of 12-13. His choir consisted of
some 35-40 people, the younger ones with soprano and alto voices and the
older ones tenor and bass. I was told he came to the "Kor Shul" from the
Boyaner Rebbe's court, where he was the Chief Chazen for several years. I
do not know where he got his musical education. He was an excellent teacher
and a composer of Hassidic-style Chazanut music. We had to study solfège
with him and with his daughter.who was a pianist. The choir used the note
sheets that he wrote especially for each festive occasion. It usually was a
wonderful performance and atmosphere. At the Kor Shul he was the chief
cantor (Chazan) during all Holy Days and on certain Shabbat services. He was
not the Rabbi of the Kor Shul, he was just the chief cantor, well known in
Bukowina and Galitzia. People used to come to the Kor Shul from other
synagogues to listen and enjoy those wonderful melodies.
All the best,
Abraham K.

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I have so very vivid memories of the High Holy days at home. First of all
the dressing:Mother always new dresses most fashionable with hat, gloves,
shoes and bag all fitting. Father in a cut away with striped trousers and (I
still remember his gesture) opening his chapeau cluck (that was a top hat
which could be folded and with one knock form your right to your left hand
it opened from a flat round black plate into a top hat.) Mind my father died
when I was 4 or 5 years old and this picture is so vivid in my mind as
though he were standing right in front of me tall and elegant.
As my father was one of the donors in building the "Kor-Shul"
Pichas Pinie Spector was the Rabbi and Cantor of that Shul; He was Joseph
Schmidt's uncle and had the sweetest, strongest voice. The Shul was
resounding when he sang "Uvinu Malkenu"!!! The only one who sings his tune
(he wrote his own music) is Barbara Streisand and until today when in
Synagogue I sing my own tune, all others are strange to me.
Father being a Levy sat Mizrah while Mother and our whole family sat first
row upstairs.

I dreaded Yom Kippur because
 my Zazia, as we called grandfather, turned the chickens over our heads and
we had to say:"Mir zum Leben dir zum Tod" (me to life and you to death)and
that was a terrible thing, never to be forgotten. Then the Shohat came, by
then I was as far and as fast as my feet could carry me when I only saw
that man......)!!!

On Yom Kippur at 10o'clock exactly all the family children, near and far,
came and brought bunches of flowers to our mothers to refresh them and the
Shul I guess. Deodorants were unknown then.......

You really brought back a memory so far in the back of my mind kept in
"Naftalin", I guess to be opened just before New Year.

Shanah tova and G'matr Chatima Tova (Happy New Year and well over the Fast)
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