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My maternal great grandfather Adolf Gedaly opened the Roemerbad (a turkish
bathhouse) in the late 1800's at 6 Fabergasse. The property is still there
and was in use as a bathhouse until recently. My maternal grandfather Gustav
Gedaly was a pharmacist by trade and graduated from University with a
Chemist Degree. He had a Pharmacy on the Herrengasse which is still there.
It is now set up like a museum as an old-fashioned pharmacy. Gustav and my
great grandmother, Pepi Gedaly ran the Roemerbad after Adolf died until it
was appropriated by the Russians. My Great Uncle Jacob Gedaly had a
recreation facility where people went to spend the day at the Prut that
included changing rooms and showers.

My other Great Grandfather, Benjamin Goldenberg was a horse trader. He came
to America in the early 20s. He returned to Czernowitz after living in
America and died there.

My husband's family, Soloman and Freida Kalkstein owned a dry goods store on
the Russhesegasse (their store was within walking distance of the

All are buried in the cemetary.

My husband was born in Pittsburgh and is a 4th generation American on his
father's side. I was born in Israel. We met in college in Washington, DC. We
found out our families came from Czernowitz after my grandmother died and we
had been dating for about a year. When we returned to Czernowitz in 2009 we
found the graves of our great grandfathers who were buried a stone's throw
from each other!

Ilana Gordon

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> My maternal grandfather, Mordecai Spiegel, had a store on the Mehlplatz
> for clothing and imported specialty steel items like razors, knives
> and scissors. My paternal grandfather, Mordecai Fichman, was in the
> grain business, as was much of his family.
> Eytan
> Eytan Fichman, AIA
> B.Arch., M.Arch., Ed.M.
> 33B Dong Khe, Ngo Quyen
> Hai Phong, Viet Nam
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