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I may be wrong, but didn't Robinson Crusoe embark on his trip from
That certainly would have made Bristol both famous and exotic. {Mimi}

On Mar 28, 2014, at 6:09 AM, David Glynn wrote:

> Can anyone tell me why a hotel in Czernowitz should have been named
> after a city in England?
> David
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> Bristol was the most exclusive place in Czernowitz !
> Hot water in every room. Electric fans .
> And the Schmatte market just across.
> For a dollar the tourist could get 7 shirts as good
> as new just across the horse stand !
> Hardy
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>> This photograph of the hotel "Bristol" does not do the building
>> justice.
>> Actually the building looks much nicer. At least from the outside.
>> It is currently a dormitory for the medical students at university.
>> If someone would renovate it and turne it back into a hotel,
>> it would be one of the best located hotels in town.
>> Located on the SW corner of the Mehlplatz, close to the Ringplatz,
>> the Musik Verein, the Tempel and not too far from the theatre, yet
>> relatively quiet
>> and the view from the north side windows completely unobscured.
>> Any investors?
>> Mimi
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