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I mostly agree with Cornel.
The people who had been born between 1900 and 1918
all learned German in school. They also read German novels, newspapers
and magazines. That is why most of them spoke grammatically correct
even though their pronunciation was heavily Yiddish.
I happen to have letters written by assorted relatives between the years
1924 - 1940, all of them are written in correct German.

On Mar 30, 2014, at 2:54 PM, cornel fleming wrote:

> Disagree emphatically! We spoke Czernowitzer Deutsch,which was
> basically a
> version of Austrian German. I have a volume called"Bukowiner
> Deutsch",published in Wien 1901 where it is all explained. Our
> street German
> was not at all atrocious!!! Cornel
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> I do not know what most of the Jews knew in 1900.
> I wasnt around at that time.
> But since then the German got even much worse.
> German was only taught in private schools
> whiche only well- to- dos could afford.
> The rest was a homespun German,
> deteriorating with every passing day.
> Into this German I was born.
> Schiller - fine.Busch -fine.
> But the colloquial street German was atrocious.
> Hardy

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