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Mimi, I beg your pardon, the Ukrainian "Hausmeisters" showed the Romanian
Jandarms and also to the SS in action, in the Maria-Theresiangasse,
Massarikgasse and other streets where Jews live. I was there and I was taken
with the family to the Jandarms"Kaserne" , the whole day we women were
arrested until night, than let home, 300 women, and the men were taken
afterwords to the police station, beaten, and the next morning , taken to
the empty Asyl, for 3 days without water and aliments...And why are you so
sure that adults or teenager are no more alive.? ...Yes, I was adult of 21,
I was a witness and my memory is still O.K., thanks God. and the memories
are coming back, often enough...Sure,we can not blame the grandchildren for
the facts of their grandfathers nor German or Ukrainian,or Romanian but
never say that the Ukrainian were "CLEAN"and only the Romanians did the

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It was the Romanians and not the local Ruthenians/Ukrainians
who sent us to the ghetto, occupied our homes and stole our belongings.
Anyhow , those who were adult people or teenagers then, are no longer
alive now.

The suffering of others will not compensate us for what we suffered.
Corrupt and evil government, even in far away countries, is
ultimately bad
for the whole world.
The Ukraine deserves an honest, responsible and democratic government.

On Jan 25, 2014, at 10:28 AM, Fanny Cooper wrote:

> I don't feel sorry for them.let them feel suppresion like we felt it in
> 1941-2.
> We stood with Yellow stars on our coats and waited for an authorization
> to
> stay in Czr. Those who stayed had to wait in long lines for bread and
> petrol for cooking
> Did Europe protest? now they want to be Europeans? My father was
> lucky,he
> was needed to make spiritus and work under military escort fom Monday to
> Saturday.At least we got food enough,also for our neighbors in the
> Tuerkengasse. No money!" Sa rabde si ei putin"
> Fanny.

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