[Cz-L]Iuliu Barasch's Travel Report on Jewish Life in the Kraków Area, Galicia, Bukovina and Walachia

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Inspired by Andrei Corbea-Hoisie's magnificent anthology "Jüdisches Städtebild Czernowitz" [Jewish Cityscape Czernowitz], I've published Iuliu Barasch's Tarvel Log, released by the "Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums" in 1843-1845:
Let us join the Galician-born Jewish physician, philosopher, writer, and popularizer of science for the next two and a half years on his adventurous journey to the Jewish communities in the Kraków Area, Galicia, Bukovina, Moldavia and Walachia. As the vast majority of our ancestors came initially from Galicia to Bukovina, it's simultaneously a time travel to our roots.
It starts "today", or more precisely 171 years ago today, on January 28, 1843, with a report on Kazimierz, the Jewish district of Kraków. We will release - with an equal interval of 171 years - the reports just in time. We are going to arrive to Czernowitz on September 2, 1844 (2015). However, you may download a PDF compilations of all 35 articles originally published in 1843-1845 at:
Iuliu Barasch's travel report from Czernowitz is one of the opening stories in Andrei Corbea-Hoisie's anthology "Jüdisches Städtebild Czernowitz" [Jewish Cityscape Czernowitz], part of a real Bukovinian related literary-historical treasure chest:
It's the outstanding erudition of the editor, which leads to this fascinating anthology and the reader keeps reading, looking from text to text for the magic link. Much more than the sum of its parts! That's a good opportunity to draw your attention to Prof. Dr. Andrei Corbea-Hoisie's brand new book "Politik, Presse und Literatur in Czernowitz 1890-1940" [Politics, Press and Literture in Czernowitz 1890-1949]:
Enjoy the reading!
P.S. 1 for Christian: I hope, dear Christian, it's still in time for your upcoming journey!
P.S. 2 for Marla: It's, dear Marla, a time travel to our Galician ancestors too!
P.S. 3 for Irene: It's not, dear Irene, a replacement for "Der Tag", but a supplement.
Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands
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