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German pronunciation:
 The "ch" and the Umlaute if not acquired at a very early age can never be
  I believe it has something to do with the development of the larynx.
   Ask a German to pronounce" Muenchen " and try imitate him.
     This is the real Czernowitzer test .
       The Czernowitzer got it ! If he is of the Habsburg stock.
        But his Rumanian was an abomination...

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Dear Ellen,

this questions are not that easy to answer.

"High-German" (Hochdeutsch) is the name for the official literary language -
but itīs not just one, there are (minima) three of them: German German,
Austrian German and Swiss German. They all belong to the same group, are
pretty much the same, but differentiate in some small points (in grammar,
but most auf all in lexik).

All of these three "High-Germans" are subdivided into several dialects and
regiolects. Each of them with an own pronunciation, just spoken and in the
border regions a broader lexik, mostly extended with loanwords from the
surrounding languages. In case of bukowinian austrian german it is a quite
clear dialect, with many loanwords out of yiddish, romanian and ukrainian.

The word "Ich" was pronounced like in all other "High-German" languages:

Best regards

Dr. Benjamin M. Grilj

Am 13.01.2014 um 18:30 schrieb Ellen Greenspan

> I have started to teach myself German. I remember my mother said this was
> her first language until Kindergarten. She said my Grand mother (from
> Czernowitz) spoke High German and pretended she could not understand
> Yiddish. I am having so much fun finding origins of words I am familiar
> with like "Laks" (salmon), which is spelled Lox here. My questions are,
> what is High German, was that the dialect of German that was taught in
> Czernowitz, and how was the word "ich" pronounced? ---Danke, Ellen
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