[Cz-L] Work-camp at the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery

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Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 11:34:34 -0500
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 Dear All,

 Last Oct. I proposed that during the summer of 2014,
 we organize a work-camp at the Jewish Cemetery in Czernowitz.

 Given the favorable responses I received to this proposal,
 the board of CJCRO decided to give it further consideration
 and to find out how many people would be interested in participating.
 We propose that the work-camp be held sometime during June 2014
 and that it last about 10 14 days.
 Participants in the work-camp would have to individually pay for their
 trip to and back from Chernivtsi, their accommodations and meals.

 As you know, the "Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery Restoration Organization"
 has since 2009, hired workers to cut down the rampant invasive vegetation
 at the cemetery. Our understanding with the city authorities was,
 that the city's cemetery administration workers would then spray the areas
 cleared of vegetation with an approved herbicide solution, so as to kill
 the roots of the cut trees and bushes, thereby preventing these plants
 from growing back.
 Unfortunately, the city's cemetery workers did not do the spraying,
 or did it poorly and new vegetation grew back from the live roots of
 the cut trees and bushes.

 One of the volunteers of ASF has experimented with the same herbicide
 and has found that the most efficacious and efficient way to use it,
 is to brush it onto the stumps of the cut trees and bushes, immediately
 after these have been cut and then to cover the painted surface
 with plastic, so that rain would not wash it off before it had a chance
 to penetrate the wood.

 At the proposed work-camp, hired workers would cut down the trees
 and bushes in a given area and the work-camp participants will brush
 the herbicide solution onto the cut surface of the stumps, then cover it
 with a piece of plastic wrap.
 The hired workers will also remove the cut branches and trunks of trees.

I hope that many of you will want to participate in this work-camp
and that you will bring along your sons, daughters and grandchildren.
Please, if you have questions and suggestions about the proposed work-camp;
the exact dates or duration of the camp, the approximate cost of
accommodations and meals, the work at the cemetery, write to the Cz.-List
and to me personally, so that all can participate in this exchange of ideas.

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