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Dear Edgar,
I saw that Bianca put the link it has 21 pages, mine only 7 pages, of the
article about Paul Celan and Prof.SEgal, so br so kind and putt this one
on Ehpes.
And for my knowledge about the promotions and marriages, Here is the list
with names I can provide :
Siegfried Wittner, son of Leon Wittner, who has an elegant big carpets
shop, imported carpets from Asia, Perserteppiche, in Herrengasse 10
A.Through the entrance from the courtyard I went 100 times when I was a
little girl.
Ing.Gustav Hildebrand, electrical ing.had also a shop with electrical
things, his daughter Trude, some years older than me, married Bubi
Neuberger, I have a photo with them on a trip to a farm of some friends
Reinhold Kern and Fanny Ungar
he was the son of Prof.Kern, the co/owner of the Hoffmann/Gymnasium.Reinhold
studied in Paris and after the WW2 was Professor at the University in
Paris.He married Fanny Ungar, I knew her personnally, her father , Leon
Ungar had a printery (Druckerei) in our courtyard Herrengasse 10 A and a
shop for school children and toys Herrengasse 4. Fanny got a medaille for
her works .The parents Ungar were deported to Sibiria in 1941.
Promotion DR.Norbert Kurz, he was the cousin of a classmate. she gave me his
adress and when I was in Geneva. I contacted him. I was invited to the
family, 1937, he works at the "Bureau International du Travail "Geneve,
married 2 children..
Ing. Ludwig Meth, Promotion, at 18, I was engaged with him 2 months.He
worked at Kuperman, a big shop for agriculture machines. Married to Stella
Fuhrmann, 1939, had 3 chidren, fled to Romania 1944, than lived in
Ing.Arthur Melzer was a goog friend of my husband, after WW2 lived in Paris,
died in a carcrash.
Noce Hilde Kuczinski, daughter of the police/comissaire Dr Kuczinski, They
lived in the house of my grandparents from 1920/1941, when they went with
the action of Hitler "Heim, ins Reich", the family had 2 boys, 3 years older
than me, Willi and Fritz,in Germany both were taken to the SS, one died in
the war the other was hanghed as war criminal in Poland.
Friedrich Fischer, the owner of the glass-factory in Putna, his daughter was
married in the 59-ier with Kurt Berler, ing of glass fabrication short time.
Ludwig Meht, the cousin of the other Ludwig, had a theater/agency in
Naftalison, the owner of Trinaco, thy were my neighbars, corner
Albertunrngsddr/Verbindungsgasse.daughter was married iwth Dr.Robert
Meidler, the son of the DR. Meidler senior, one of the bests physicians in
Eduard Hendel was the owner of the shooshop "Delka" in the "Goldenem
L;ewen", His daughter Ilse, married Fried in Bukarest, emigrated to Buenos
Aires. Her daughter in law, Mirta Kuoferminz, is one of the bests painters
in South/America.
Herbert Dolfin marries Betka Goldwerth, I knew them both.
Auszeichnung fuer De.Hammer, the only one Jewish police.officer in
Promotion Julius Rosenbaum, a friend of my husband, he lost an eye when he
was threwed out of the train by Romanians when he fled 1940
After the war he lived in Duesseldorf
Ilona Glaesner was 2 years older than me, one of the most beautyful girls in
Czernowitz.I heard that they managed to sattle after the war in Switzerland.
Finishing my chronique
best regards, excuse the many mistakes

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Of course, Hedwig, let's have it for our Blog. Thank you!

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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> Subject: Re: [Cz-L] The Genesis of Paul Celan's "Todesfuge"
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> Hi Edgar,
> I found in my archive a very interesting article, received in 1998 from
> Hardy Mayer, the late professor at California University, who was the
> nephew
> of Prof.Hersch Segal. The title: The late Hersch Segal on the influence of
> Yiddish and Jewishness on Celan...based on notes for talks, translated,
> condensed,and commented by Meinhard E.Mayer, University of California,
> Irvine
> Are you interested in this article?
> Best regards
> Hedwig

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