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Hi Jerry. I have in my archive the original book, and I found the
grandfather of my late husband, Abraham Langhaus, from Lenczesti . he was
not yet married, because they wrote in the book 1 person. they were
"Ackerjuden."farmer are those who have many hectars of fieds, in those
times, 200 years ago, not Jews
Regards Hedwig

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Your uncle Manfred Reifer published a list of Jewish farmers tax payers from
year 1808 in Bukowina - Among them you can
find my paternal grandmother's family NEID from Molodia near Czernowitz.

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> When Galizia and Bukovina became part of the Austrian Empire,
> Jews were initially not allowed to own land, but in 1812, during the reign
> of Joseph the second,the son of Maria Theresia, this was changed
> and not only were Jews within the Austrian Empire allowed to own land,
> but each village had to give land to Jewish farmers in proportion
> to the size of the village.
> This change in attitude of the Austrian government was due to their wish
> to solve what they called the "Jewish problem".
> Sometime in the late 18th century, Jews in the eastern part
> of the Austrian empire had been forbidden to produce or sell alcoholic
> beverages.
> Because this had been the occupation of very many of them,
> the Jewish population became very poor and a new subgroup arose among
> them;
> the "Bettel-Juden" (beggar-Jews)
> By the late 19th century, there were Jews living in most Bukovina
> villages,
> in Galicia and in Transcarpathia, as well as in Maramures,
> currently north-west Romania.
> All my great-grandparents, in the 19th century, lived in villages
> and most of them farmed the land.
> Mimi
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>> There may have been towns in Galicia where Jews farmed and owned land,
>> but =
>> classically Jews were not allowed to own land either in the Polish-
>> Lithuani=
>> an Rzeczpospolita (the entire 'Pale' later within the Russian Empire) or
>> fo=
>> r many years in the Austrian Empire proper, which after the last
>> partition =
>> of Poland came to include the 'Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria'. Within
>> th=
>> e Kingdom of Hungary and (outside what was ever to become the
>> Austro-Hungar=
>> ian Empire) the Romanian kingdoms, including Moldavia (both always-
>> Romanian=
>> 'Regat' Moldavia and the often Russian-ruled Bessarabia that is now
>> indepe=
>> ndent Moldova), Jews were allowed to own land. Real rustic Jews of
>> Yiddish-=
>> speaking, Galician-like Ashkenazi heritage were characteristic of
>> Sub/Trans=
>> carpathian Ruthenia - once 3-4 far north-eastern counties of Hungary,
>> betwe=
>> en the Wars the easternmost part of the 1st Czechoslovak Republic, today
>> a =
>> poor, remote and beautiful part of Ukraine - and of Romanian Moldavia
>> and B=
>> essarabia. Real peasant folkways among these people very much encompassed
>> K=
>> lezmer music, shared with both the Ruthenian (west Ukrainian) peasantry
>> and=
>> with the Rroma gypsies, and the Badchan wedding jesters from which a
>> broad=
>> er Yiddish theatre emerged, especially around Iasi/Jassy, capital of
>> Romani=
>> an Moldavia.
>> Charles Polak
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