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This map is No 7 on the Ehpes map collection index:
Not the map is 1910 but the census.
 Town names: Major towns in German all the rest Rumanian.

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There is an ethnographic map of Bukovina from 1910,
from which it is possible to get an idea of the villages in which there was
a sizable Jewish population. Not all villages in which there were Jewish
residents, are indicated. For instance, the villages of Clivodin and
Davideni, in which some of my relatives lived in 1910, on this map show no
Jewish population.

It is also strange that this map, which is dated 1910, gives all the names
of the villages in Romanian.
Still, this map is worth looking at. You can access it at:

The Jewish population is indicated by the color yellow, but so are the
Lipovans and the Hutzuls. The Yellow for the Jewish population is slightly
Brighter than the others.


On 1/17/14 3:33 PM, "Carolyn" <> wrote:

> Wow! Thank you for posting that list of farmers. I think it has helped me
> reach a real breakthrough in my research. I recently had obtained a
> document
> that mentioned "Rohowa" as the birthplace of my father's grandmother on
> his
> mother's side, Beile Binder. Now I see an Abraham Binder in Rohozna. I bet
> that is a strong possibility this is my great (4 times) grandfather! I am
> curious that there are only two farmers listed in Rarancze. Another branch
> of
> the family, the Bleichers, is supposedly from there. Does anyone know if
> Rarancze became larger during the 1800's? Perhaps the Bleichers were not
> farmers or they were not in Rarancze all that long.
> Thanks, Carolyn
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