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Produktionsfirma: Bild- und Filmamt (BUFA) (Berlin), Reichsfilmstelle
Copyright: Bundesarchiv
Kategorie: Spiel- und Dokumentarfilme
Thema: EFG1914 - Filme zum 1. Weltkrieg

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> Hi all! Does anybody know where this clip originated...and can copies be
> bought??? Cornel
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> Explaining the 1917 Recapture video::
> In the first take we can see the battle command of the attack with
> commander
> General Eduard Bohm (with stick ) taking a peep at the
> front line . Then he must retreat behind the bushes because of his bladder
> condition.
> Then a messeger on horse brings a message which
> is immediately passed on ,as it should.
> Next we see destroyed bridges on the Prut probably from earlier battles.
> Then we see bivouaks of Austrian troops by the Pruth and horses in the
> water for a dip.
> Next we see the burning railroad station which was a preferred target at
> any occasion.
> Well its war , you have to burn something ,don't you ? Then bring in the
> firemen.
> Then we see burned out and plundered shops ,a practice repeated at any
> take-over .
> The end is a parade of the victorious troops on the Ringplatz in honor of
> Erzherzog Franz Joseph on August 4 1917.
> The Kaiser died a year ago.
> The Empire in two more years.
> Hardy
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