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To Simon re Sali -

Sali was a fairly common name well before Romania took over.  My maternal grandmother, Sali Hermann, was born in 1885. She married Adolph Todres who died at 27.  Sali later married a man named Gleitzmann, but Sali was always Sali. Civil servants have been known to make clerical errors and families sometimes start calling children by names other than originally registered for any number of reasons.  I was given Tibor Andris when born. The nickname for Tibor was Tibi.  After settling in Canada, the other children mispronounced Tibi, putting the accent on the second syllable.  A neighbor told my mother, "They are calling your boy T.B., that's tuberculosis."  So mother tucked Tibor and Tibi into a drawer, Anglicized Andris and I became Andrew T. 
Best regards
Andy - nee Tibi.

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