Re: [Cz-L] The Genesis of Paul Celan's "Todesfuge"

From: Berti Glaubach <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2014 11:27:54 +0200
To: Boris Briker <>
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The discussion between Simonov and the Rabi looks more like an imaginary
work then what really happened. The Rabbi's data are quite inaccurate and
or at least partly invented by Simonov. There was a group of youngsters who
helped the local Militia to keep up order, I remember being on guard
several times at night and also at the municipality building. So the part
of somebody having him brought to a Rabbi might be true. P.C. being the
one? Chance of 1 to some 200. But if Simonov talked to local youngsters he
might have asked or told about music etc. and at that time such information
would have spread easily among the Jewish population and Celan would have
(may be) taken it up. Si non e vero e ben trovato.

For those who like to compare this Jidish to the german version. A
kopdarenish experiment:

 In Zwei Schah arum nach dem wie der Kap von der Kolone is arein in lager,
hat inem ganzen Lager un in der umgebent umgehoiben spilen muzik. fun
etliche zehndlik rufern sainen gefloigen fartoibentike foxtroten un tangos.
di radio hat gespilt dem ganzen inderfri, dem ganzen tog, dem ganzen avent
un di ganze nacht.

"Zwei Stunden, nach dem die Spitze des Zuges im Lager verschwunden war,
ert=F6nte im ganzen Lager und in seiner Umgebung Musik. Aus Dutzenden von
Lautsprechern schallten ohrenbet=E4ubende Foxtrots und Tangos. Das Radio
spielte den ganzen Morgen, den ganzen Tag und die ganze Nacht."

[Berti Glaubach]

On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 4:37 AM, Boris Briker <>wr=

> Hello Edgar,
> I tried to look for the Krasnaya Zvezda article, but I am glad that Galin=
> found it and sent it to you. It is interesting that in 1944 the Soviet=
> published this Simonov article as a little book (you call it pamphlet) in
> several languages even in Yiddish, but not in original Russian. It was
> published in Russian only in the Red Army Newspaper, Red Star. Later in
> the 1970s and in 1980s Simonov published a book, Writers Diaries, in whic=
> he recalls his experiences as a war correspondent. Here he talks about t=
> concentration camps in Poland. This book is available on the Internet.
> There is also page or two in this book about how the author, Simonov,
> meets a rabbi in Czernowitz who tells him about the horrors of the ghetto
> in Czernowitz. It is here.
> The idea of a connection between Simonov's account of the concentration
> camps and Paul Cellan=92s famous poem is quite fascinating. It would be
> however hard or impossible to prove that Paul Cellan actually met Simonov
> in Chernowitz. (Simonov recalls in this book that a young Jewish student
> guided him to the Rabbi=92s house. I guess it will be too farfetched to
> suggest that this student was actually Paul Celan.)
> Best,
> Boris


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