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Great looking cat, but more interested in the cemetery where my father
(Wilhelm Hulles) was born and where many of his relatives are buried. He
and his parents escaped from the Russians and at the beginning of the First
World War, traveled to Vienna for a time and then came to Czernowitz. My
father married my mother (Anna Fell) from Chorkov in 1930 in Czernowitz,
and I was born in Cz in 1938 and my parents and I escaped from the Russians
in 1945. With great difficulty, we made it to Austria and spent four years
in the Bamberg DP Camp waitiing to join family in America. We were in the
Czernowitz Ghetto for a few weeks, but were part of the 20,000 lucky ones
who were spared being sent to Transnistrien by getting waivers. My uncle,
Dr. Leopold Hulles and his family also got waivers. In 1945, they went to
Bucharest where they remained the remainder of their lives.
My understanding is that the Jews of Viznitz were almost completely
decimated by the Nazis.

My father was in the Romanian Army for two years. Incidentally, when my
father was in the Romanian army, he told me that the Jews were regularly
beaten by the very anti-semitic soldiers. He was not beaten because he
played the violin for them and they enjoyed that. Then they started
beating him as well. When he asked why, they said that they didn't want
the other Jews to think they were favoring him. He called his mother &
told her what was happening. Being a Jewish mother, she got on the train
and went to his superior and complained. They were reprimanded and the
beatings stopped.

On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 12:59 AM, HARDY BREIER <> wrote:

> Yes Hedwig,
> This is a possibility,
> But there are also other variations,
> Nice cat anyway
> Hardy

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