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"and in the negative comments from Hardy (who I have not met). "

 Mark, how does this fit into the context of the sentence ?


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Sylvia -thank you for this post. My experiences in four shorter visits to
Bukovina these past 4 years have been similar to what you describe, both
with many decent Ukrainians I have met and in the negative comments from
Hardy (who I have not met).

Mark Wiznitzer

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Hardy, I don't think I can make you love me :) have been
disdainful of everything I've ever posted here to my six week
stay in CZ - I was very actively out there - got interviewed a couple
of times for television and an article written about me and my work by
one of my photo students....and got to know everything from arty types
to street people...& everyone I encountered was kind and protective
and helpful. When I asked people (in my almost non existent Ukrainian)
where the synagogue or the Jewish cemetery, people often took my by
the hand and walked me there. My landlady was amazing - (I rented an
apartment) sometimes brought me food that her mother cooked,
accompanied me to the municipal archive and to the hard to find Billa
Street memorial & so on. ...which of course doesn't prove anything.
But I'm a photographer and I'm not afraid of people and people feel
that. So often I have found myself in cities where I don't know my way
around and perhaps speak only a few words of the language...but so far
(gott sei dank) have never been mugged & have had some pretty
interesting adventures. I know it's a platitude, but to echo the words
of Anne Frank, I believe, given a chance & when not stirred up by hate
speech, "people are (mostly) good at heart"


> On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 9:18 AM, HARDY BREIER <> wrote:
> Sylvia - can you make them love you ?
> Hardy
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