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I'm also new to this cite so let me share my experiences in searching for family.
Two of my uncles and their sister, my grandmother, thought everyone left in Europe was dead because of things they saw in the newspapers.  Many years later I decided I wanted more details.  Unfortunately, by then these three siblings were dead. So I wrote to everyone and looked everywhere: Jewishgen, Red Cross, Bad Arelson, etc.  Nothing.  Then I wrote to the Ukrainian Red Cross about my great aunt Perl (Terner) Platz, her husband, Isaac, and their 7 children who lived in Delaytn.

They wrote back to me, in Ukrainian with an English translation, that in 1942 some Ukrainians murdered Isaac Plac, 1 female and 2 males and confiscated their property.  They attached a list showing 3 families named Plac, all from Delaytn.  The only names were the father of each family.  It showed how many males and femals under each man's name but no other names.  I assume the other two men were Isaacs brothers.

I now knew what happened to my great aunt and uncle and two of their children.  I only knew the name of one of her sons - Samuel.  While the story is not complete, unless I find something on Samuel Platz/Plac, I'm finished with that branch.  But it was very comforting to know what happened to Perl, my grandmother's sister.

By the way, to check the translation, I showed it to a young Ukrainian man I worked with. His face grew red as he learned for the first time what his ancestors might have done. I told him that he should always love his family and to look forward to the contributions that he can make in this world, today. I think that made him feel better.

Has anyone else tried this approach?  I don't know if the letter would be of any value to any of you but I'd be happy to share it.

Ms. Shelley Mitchell

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