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Dear Edgar
 Allow me to congratulate you for the research work you are doing, in
general, and for this last piece of information specially. I who have tried
on a much lower scale know how much time and effort it takes to reach the
source and then the applicable piece of information.
 Yosef Eshet

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Phew, that was hard piece of work!

The article on "The Ethical Seminar in Czernowitz" is an excerpt out of "The
Constanatin Brunner Papers" and "The Eduard Rudnicki Papers" (in tottal 67.5
linear feet of archive material), tens of thousands of letters, manuscripts,
published works and especially 1,100 photographs, compiled for you to just a
single posting:

Constantin Brunner conceptualized a philosophical system connected to
Spinoza and against Kant, Nietzsche and academic philosophy. Since the
publication of his main work in 1908 (Die Lehre von den Geistigen und vom
Volk), but especially due to his personality, Brunner attracted the
spiritually young, as well as intellectuals, politicians and artists, thus
creating the "Brunner-Circle". Apart from Berlin, where a Constantin Brunner
Society was formed in 1925, the main center was in Czernowitz, the "Ethical
Seminar" founded by Friedrich Kettner in 1919.

The centerpiece of my posting is a listing displaying the 178 members of the
"Ethical Seminar in Czernowitz", compiled and translated from Eli Rottner's
book "Das Ethische Seminar in Czernowitz". This listing, which contains

- First Names and Surnames
- Original Professions
- Residences (as per 1965)
- Dates of Death
- Index for the Photographs 1866-1994 (!!!)

is available at the bottom of my above mentioned posting or directly for PDF
download at:

Among the additional links, which are available too at the above mentioned
posting, you are going to discover another listing displaying the 60 members
of the "Ethical Seminar in Poland" (mainly Kolomea and Krakow) and much,
much more...

Enjoy the posting and keep looking for your ancestors in this archival
treasure! Some of you, as f. i. our fellow member Henry Sinnreich, will be
amply rewarded.

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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