RE: [Cz-L] Rosa Auslender about Chernovtsy of the 1960s

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Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2014 08:44:12 +0100
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Dear Boris,

I didn't find any reference neither for Rose Auslšnder's possible journey to Czernowitz in the 1960ies, but I raised this question to Helmut Braun, THE expert for Rose Auslšnder and long-time President of the Rose Auslšnder Foundation in Cologne. We'll wait and see...?!

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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> Subject: [Cz-L] Rosa Auslender about Chernovtsy of the 1960s
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> I am reposting this, since it didn't go through for the first time
> Hi Czernowitzers,
> I need some help identifying a source and finding a quotation. I read some=
> where that Rosa Auslender visited Chernovtsy some time in the 1960s, and sh=
> e wrote to a friend that the city then in the 1960s seemed like another wor=
> ld than the one she knew. She felt like she didn't belong to that city anym=
> ore. I could not find anything searching Google. The books that I read wh=
> ere it could be are Felsiner's Celan biography, Hirsch-Spritzer"s Ghosts of=
> Home, or some other Celan biography in English. It also canbe from two sc=
> holarly volumes on Celan in Russian (published in Israel--there are some ar=
> ticles translated from German.)
> Would you know where such references appear?
> I thank all of you, erudite and multilingual Czernowitzers.
> Boris
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