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(apologies for the poor translation - but it is interesting


Convened an extraordinary session of the Chernivtsi Regional Council

Today , 14:25 / Comments : 0 Today, 14:25 / Comments: 0 to 17.00. to
17.00. convened 23rd extraordinary session of the Chernivtsi Regional
Council , which will be delivered the following questions : convened
23rd extraordinary session of the Chernivtsi Regional Council, which
will be delivered the following questions:

1. On the assessment of the socio-political situation in Ukraine and
the transfer of all power in the Chernivtsi region to Chernivtsi
Regional Council - National Council of Chernivtsi region.
2. On appeals of Chernivtsi Oblast Council of Deputies to the deputies
of all levels Ukraine councils on the need to preserve the territorial
integrity and unitary Ukrainian state.
3. On the loss of legitimacy of decisions of the President of Ukraine
Yanukovich and his immediate resignation.
4. About distrust and resignation of Chernivtsi Regional State
Administration Papiev.
5. On appeal to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the
Chernivtsi region Demidov AM on the transfer of police on the side of
the people and the immediate withdrawal of troops subordinate to the
Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Chernivtsi region of the square.
6. On the prohibition of activities in the Chernivtsi Oblast Party of
Regions and the Communist Party.

At the session are invited Chairman and Vice- Chairman of Regional
State Administration, Chernivtsi oblast prosecutor , head of the
appellate courts and the economic and Chernivtsi Oblast Chernivtsi
Regional Administrative Court, the district councils and district
administrations , Secretary of the Chernivtsi City Council and Mayor
Novodnistrovsk , head oblprofrady , head of the regional veterans
Council of Ukraine, head of the Student Parliament's Bucovina , some
heads of departments of the regional state administration and
territorial departments of ministries and other central executive, CEO
of Chernivtsi Regional State TV and Radio Company , representatives of
the media.

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