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Moss must have sunlight for surviving.
 At the Sataniv latitude no sunlight on the North side.
   The most reasonable procedure would be to turn
   the text side of the stone to the North.
     The moss will move to the other side.
       Here it can be blasted away safely if at all !

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>I have been on the board of Canada's largest Jewish cemetery for 10 years.
> We advise people to never do sandblasting. Ordinary water is best;
> shaving cream works, but only if it is washed off very, very
> carefully after (as it, too damages the stone in the long term).
> Merle
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> Well, Hardy. It sounds like you were speculating on how to clean the
> tombstones. I think we should wait for the experts to answer the question
> so we have the facts.
> Shelley
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> Shelley,
> We are historians. We dont speculate as to what might have
> happened.
> Only facts count.
> Hardy
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