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But in comparison our dustbins contain treasures comparing to
these in pictures.
   How can you compare ?

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What is painful about this picture is that such reality is unfortunately
common here in Israel. The country prospers economically, no comparison to
Czernowitz, but there are many elderly, from the former Soviet Union, who
are not covered by sufficient insurance or pension. The little they receive
from the National Insurance forces them to hunt for left over (unsold at the
end of the day, and especially Erev Shabbat) vegetables, fruits and other
foods at markets, or, as in this picture, hunt for returnable plastic
bottles in specific plastic recycling waste containers (intended for large
bottles only, but often containing the smaller, half liter, bottles for
which they can get a small refund) or even in regular waste containers.
Shame on us!

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> Reality
> Hardy
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