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Provided the latkes come with good Smetana!! Cornel

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Hardy, et al...

Yes indeed, we explore all of the areas mentioned below, but always
(hopefully) with a connection to our mission concerning Bukovina Jewish
History, Genealogy, Sociology, Language, etc.

Your moderators, all two of us, have discussed the emerging Ukraine
situation, and decided that in consideration of the most unusual events
that are unfolding, we should exercise a lighter than usual hand around
this particular topic.

That said, for this topic, it does not mean that 'anything goes'. So,
what doesn't go?
1. Endless discussion/speculation about what Putin should do, what
Obama should do;
2. Exhortations to political action;
3. Political rants, screeds, etc.
4. Repetition of what already is commonly in the newspapers, tv, etc.

So, what does go?
1. Reports and follow-on discussion from sources that are directly on
the ground (Christian's reports are a good example of this);
2. Reports and follow-on discussion from unusual sources that most of us
would not ordinarily come in contact with -- local Ukrainian media for
2. Perspectives directly relating to our 'areas of interest';
3. Discusson of any events or possible events, directly impacting
Czernowitz/Bukovina and surrounds.

It is sensible that the moderation process be flexible enough to deal
with the happenings of the day without increasing the noise level
substantially. That's all we're hoping for.

Let us all hope for a speedy return to Latkes!

Jerome & Bruce

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