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Thanks Jerome for the nice pictures, 1930, I am wondering which school was
it?In the Landhausgasse were he Comenius and the Meisler school and also on
the corner to the Tuerkengasse the Liceul L.F.2, which I frequented from
1928/1936. May be those pictures are from the Saphah Iwriah? in the
Faerbergasse, close to the Landhausgasse?-
I will try , if you wish, to send pictures from the Comenius/School with
director Schulz and I have all 8 pictures of LF2
I found in my archive a postcard
dated 9.11.1910 with following inscription in German :
In memory forever on our contracted heard-union done in Stanislau,
9/11/1910. Ephi, Paula, Abraham / Olga Kohn , J.Kohn, Alex/Berta Beidaff
( Ephi and Paula/ Dr.Ephraim Brenner and Paula Kohn were the parents of my
late husband)
Best regards
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>From the shoebox of Stephen Winters:

Two new excellent quality Czernowitz class photos from the 1930's now
available for
inspection on the tastefully appointed Ehpes Blog at:

Do you recognize anyone; yourself perhaps?


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