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Thanks Eduard ,
 Very instructive article.
   Mykola Kuschnir is not Jewish.
   Mykola Kuschnir good man,

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Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany's international broadcaster just released today
an most interesting interwiew headlined "Wir sind keine Nationalisten" [We
Are Not Nationalists] with our friend Mykola Kuschnir, the Director of the
Czernowitz Jewish Museum

on the current situation - and particularly on the concerns of a growing
anti-Semitism - in Ukraine and in Czernowitz. As a non-native speaker, it's
hard to me to translate the entire interview to English, therefore I'm
encouraging our "linguistic geniuses" to do so? Just a few highlights,
stated by Mykola:

Mykola Kuschnir:,,17478023_403,00.jpg

- Mykola is not afraid of a swing to the right.
- Currently there are 3,000 Jews among the 250,000 inhabitants of
- Compared to two, three days ago, the situation in Czernowitz calmed down.

Czernowitz on 25.01.2014:,,17386697_403,00.jpg

- Currently there is no elected mayor/governor in Czernowitz, the old ones
were discharged.
- The right wing Svoboda Party seems to be less radical, but it's still a
- There is no danger whatsoever for the Jewish Community of Czernowitz.
- There are no tensions between the Russian and the Ukrainian speaking
population of Czernowitz.
- Reforms are overdue, especially in the educatioanl and the communication

Enjoy the interview! Not so bad news from Czernowitz, at least for the

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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