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J, you say:
"A person has two parents; 4 grandparents; and 8 great-grandparents, right?"

Wrong ! 16 gg-parents !

  Every grand parent has 4 g-parents just as you.


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> Czernowitzers...
> You would think I would know this, but I don't, so help me out here:
> A person has two parents; 4 grandparents; and 8 great-grandparents, right?
> So, when talking about grandparents, there isn't any problem; you have a
> maternal gf and a paternal gf; a maternal gm and a paternal gm, right?
> Easy peasy.
> But when talking about great-grandparents, you have eight of them: four
> maternal grand-parents and four paternal grand-parents.
> If I wanted to identify (write about) one out of the eight, how would I
> properly do that? For example: What is the proper way to identify my
> grandfather's father on my my mother's side more succinctly than 'my
> grandfather's father on my mother's side'?
> Is there a standard way of doing this?
> Help?
> jeome

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