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You write Berti :The Mehlplatz at that time was not the nice and tidy park
you can see
to-day facing the philharmonic building .

 Yes, nice and tidy but not our Czernowitz,
  The Schmattesmarkt of before - this was our Czernowitz !
   With the naphta vendors and herring barrels and hamsy and halva
   and horses and Jews.

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> The upper floor on that house was added sometimes in the Soviet period
> and of course its balconies are not original. The lower part is
> original from 1897 when it was owned by a Mr. Jalusetzki (had a very
> wide sign on the roor with his name) who built it for rent, (42 units
> including stores). Before, on old maps the inner part (near Waggasse)
> was some sort of hotel.
> Our list friend Marcel Spiegler still remembers all the family names
> from the end of the 1930th. I reconstructed them from his memory and
> the census of 1936.
> In the small announcements of Edgar Hauster's published Der Tag from
> 1933/5 I found several offers for rent of apartments (published by my
> father who administered it for a Mr. Kraft).
> The Mehlplatz at that time was not the nice and tidy park you can see
> to-day facing the philharmonic building then Cinema Central. But it
> was a bustling and interesting place and two cousins of my father had
> their Fiaker standing there, facing Hotel Bristol and I would
> sometimes go with one of them for a ride without paying.

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