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Who is looking for the origin of men/women of importance, do we feel the
need to be part of it, they certainly don't. So we found Mrs. Albright had
a Hungarian Jewish background, Price William's wife Kate has a Jewish
uncle, Kerry comes from a Jewish family and so do I, is that of importance??
Hedwig, Mein Babes Danges is my grandmother's worries, if she has no other
she is a happy woman.
Do the Ukrainians really care? if they do they don't have to take him to
the guillotine just not vote for him.
"Your Danges and Rothchild's Vermoegen,(riches)!!

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> Hear! Hear!!
> Yosef Eshet
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> Hi Bruce, Jerome, Mimi, Hardy, and all interested in Ukrainian ministers
>> ,is he Jewish or not...
>> Is it your problem or his? Are you related to him? Has his Jewishness
>> something important for Czernowitz, for the presence or future of the
>> town, or is it so important for EHPES? In Czernowitz, once upon the time,
>> the Jews would say"Zeir babes Dange"(the sorrow of their grandmother)
>> May be I am too old with my 95 'and 1/2, to understand the importance of
>> this discussion,
>> Hag Purim Sameah
>> Hedwig
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>> Well, he's done quite well politically despite his ancestry, but his
>> judaic background has been cause for criticism as per the article on the
>> JTA site. So I think it will continue to be a source of controversy, but
>> he'll continue to do well in my opinion.
>> {Short link to site since the original message split the site address
>> between two line:
>> <>}
>> Bruce

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