[Cz-L] scams directed at members of our list

From: Miriam Taylor <mirtaylo_at_indiana.edu>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 21:43:00 -0400
To: CZERNOWITZ-L <Czernowitz-L_at_cornell.edu>
Reply-To: Miriam Taylor <mirtaylo_at_indiana.edu>

[Moderator's reply: Scams are common on the internet - users beware!

Mimi - You are getting these scam messages because your email address is in the address book, or has been used, by the person who owned the account that's now been "hacked"/ accessed by a scammer. The Cz-L is receiving these messages, too, but because we are a moderated list, your moderators summarily delete scam emails. Your email addressed in the archives are already disguised so they can not be picked up by automated programs looking to harvest email addresses from websites.

Users of email and the internet in general can check out potential scams on <snopes.com> or other websites.

For instance, the scam email received by Mimi and possibly others is described here by snopes:
This snopes posting also suggests how you can check out potential scams like this before taking any action.

This message is a one-time posting - please reply and/or discuss privately.

Moderator Bruce]

This is the second time in one week, that I have received
a "plea for financial aid from a member of the list who allegedly
was robbed or had lost all his money and credit cards".

I suppose that I am not the only one who has received such
"cries for help".

I think that quite possibly the scam artists get our Email addresses
from archived messages on EHPES. If this is likely to be the case,
could the messages be archived without disclosing our Email addresses.

Does anyone have other ideas how we could stop the scams,
or how we can be sure that an Email asking for help is a scam or not.

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