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Vapnyarka was a detention camp designated for "political detainees" from all
Romania as opposed to all other "regular" Jewish from Bucovina, and
Bessarabia designated camps .
 Yosef Eshet

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> Shalom to All ,
> Do you know who Mishu Wolf was ? Was he a Bukovinaer? See his story
> below.
> The following information comes from my friend Paula. Her mother, Sally
> Abramovici (nee Buium) donated the artifacts to Yad vaShem.
> Here is the story , published on the commemorative on-line exhibition at
> YadVashem :
> Translation ( with the help of Angelo Segal):
> The story of a box containing a pendant created by Mishu Wolf - a Rybnista
> prisoner, for Sally his girlfriend imprisoned in Vapniarka / Transnistria
> .
> With increasing anti-Jewish activity in Romania before World War II Sally
> Buium, born in 1918, joined the anti-fascist movement even though she
> understood the danger involved.
> In 1939, Sally at age 21, was arrested and imprisoned with a group of
> young
> Jews, accused of subversive anti-fascist activity punishable by one year
> in
> prison.
> After her release she was arrested again, this time she was send to Tirgu
> Jiu, and from there in September 1942, was deported with a large group of
> Jews accused of communist activities to Vapniarka camp.
> During her term in Vapniarka Sally met Mishu Wolf and the two fell in love
> and had hoped to start a family in a better future. However, Mishu and
> other
> prisoners were later sent to the Rybnista prison, and the two were
> separated.
> While in the Vapniarka camp, despite difficult conditions, the prisoners
> received some degree of leeway. But the Rybnista was conducted as a prison
> where the SS and Ukrainians were the jailers.
> In early 1944, news came that the Russian army is approaching. The
> echoes
> reached even the Rybnista prisoners. During this period Mishu Wolf carved
> a
> gift for his girlfriend - a pendant consisting of small wooden box
> engraved
> with the name Sally, and within it, two carved objects . One medallion
> shows a watch with the hands at five to twelve illustrating the nearing
> of
> liberation . But the hope expressed by Mishu turned out to be a false
> hope.
> On the night of the 19th to March 20, 1944, the German decided to retreat
> from Rybnista, and the prison guards killed all prisoners, including Mishu
> Wolf.
> With the evacuation of Vapniarka, Sally was moved to other camps and in
> August 1944, with the fall of the Antonescu regime she was released. .
> .Sally kept all her life these beloved little souvenirs.
> In1945 Sally married Sandu Abramovich .
> Captions for photos:
> 1.+3 .The Box containing a pendant created by Mishu Wolf in Revnitza a
> gift
> for Sally when she was detained in Vapniarka
> 2. Sally after beeing liberated from Vapniarka
> 4. Medallion "Rybnitza" March 8th, 1944 and watch "5 minutes to 12"
> 5. Back of carved pendant signed Mishu
> 6. Front side of pendant: portrait of a prisoner
> 7.Sally Buium and Sandu Abramovici
> Hebrew site -virtual exhibition - more artifacts from Transnistria:
> English site -virtual exhibition of artifacts from Transnistria ( only one
> story):
> Regards,
> Irene
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