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I’ve enjoyed being a “silent” member of the list. I’m heading to
Bucovina middle of May with some family members (first time for all of
us), and would like to pose some questions to the group.

1. Our “home base” for our trip will be Suceava (family is originally
from Burdujeni, Romania which is today part of Suceava), but we have
planned to go to Czernowitz for 2 days, with Zoya as our guide. Does
anyone have any good hotel recommendations? Any particular places of
interest/advice to offer? It seems as if despite the unrest in eastern
Ukraine, as of now there should be no concern about traveling to Cz –
anyone think otherwise? We plan day trips from Suceava to Radautz,
Botosani, etc. – any advice is welcome.

2. We are starting our trip with two days in Bucharest. Can anyone
recommend a guide/transportation in Bucharest that would be helpful to
us exploring places of Jewish interest? Any hotel recommendation for

3. Our family from Czernowitz (originally from Burdujeni, Romania) were
Marcu (born 1895) and Amalie Hershkovitz (born 1894 and maiden name
Scher). They were married in Cz in 1921, and supposedly had a son Nicky
who went into the Russian army before the War and was not heard from
again. Marcu is listed in the 1927 Cz city directory as “Marcus
Herschkowicz” living at Number 5 Regina Maria (Rathausstrasse).

Marcu’s sister Anna (Hanna), born 1882, married Calman (Karl) Guter, and
had three children Leon (Lolio), Lottie, and Millie. Millie who was born
around 1921 was married to David Kaufman. Calman (Karl) supposedly had a
brother Rudy from Berlin who had moved to Cz when things got rough for
Jews in Berlin. Calman (Karl) Guter is listed on the 1936 city directory
as living at Number 1c Tabora (Taboragasse).

During the War, both Marcu and Anna and their families were supposedly
first in the Cz ghetto with the Elegant (sp?) and Schiffer (sp)
families, and then deported to Bershad. Marcu and Amalie survived, and
family lore is that Marcu was a camp leader and upon liberation was
taken away by the Russians from never to be heard from again. Of the
Guter family, only Millie and David Kaufman survived Bershad and they
eventually moved to Israel (as did Amalie).

Marcu and Anna’s nephew Simon Dresdner and niece Adele Dresdner from
Bucharest were visiting the Cz family at the time everyone was forced
into the Cz ghetto. They too ended up in the ghetto but avoided
deportation to Bershad and eventually got back to Bucharest.

For the Cz natives on the list, do any of these names seem
familiar?**I’m hoping to visit sites in Cz that might be associated with
these family members.

4. Would appreciate any other advice from the Cz natives, and also those
of you who have traveled there and to Romania. Also, at the end of the
trip we will drive back to Bucharest via Iasi. Any advice for our brief
visit to Iasi?

Many thanks!

Larry Herman

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