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Thanks Edgar for this work which is immense.
  But out of a mail list of over 400 we have only 2 giving merit.
    Is this it ?
     Does nobody use it ?
       This work was done for you !
         And it is a lot of work too !

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> Hi Edgar... congratulations on this magnificent database and the 1936
> Directory as well. I will be adding links to both in the Ehpes Databases
> section on our website.
> Best,
> jerome
> On 14-04-23 04:31 AM, Edgar Hauster wrote:
>> Czernowitzers...
>> As far as we know, the Czernowitz Directory for the year 1936 is the
>> latest edition before WW2. It is essential for illustrating the pre-war
>> professional, economical, cultural and social situation of our (Jewish)
>> ancestors. As most of you are aware, we have disclosed the address
>> directory for the year 1936 (33,094 datasets) so far. But since the
>> Czernowitz Directory 1936 offers a large quantity of additional
>> information, we have decided to realize an in-depth analysis.
>> Today we are publishing "Czernowitz Directory 1936 In-Depth - Part 2:
>> Trade Directory":
>> Among more than 800 datasets you'll discover - from "Advertising
>> Agencies" via "Livestock Trade" to "Women's Handbags" - all important and
>> less important business areas in Czernowitz and most probably your
>> ancestors too.
>> At the end of the above mentioned post you'll find links to the
>> - PDF versions (sorted both by business area and by name) of the 1936
>> trade directory,
>> - EXCEL versions (sorted both by business area and by name) of the 1936
>> trade directory,
>> - PDF version of 1936 original trade directory.
>> Enjoy the publication and "stay tuned" for Part 3: Industry 1936!
>> Edgar Hauster
>> Lent - The Netherlands
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