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Love that story Hardy - that could be Mexico - innovation in the face
of failing mechanics

best Sylvia

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> Hardy..the guys next to the bus look like German Afrika Korps troops????
> Cornel
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> Opposite Friedmans on the Russischegass was the inter-city bus terminal.
> The bus was the reliable Opel Blitz.
> The Rumanians said : "Mergi cu Blitzul " .(Blitz means lightening).
> When I was little and after hospital I was taken to Putna
> for the fresh air of the forests. Good for the lungs .
> We went by the Opel Blitz bus.
> Our bus was missing the gear shift lever,
> Instead a big screwdriver was stuck in and at every gear change
> the driver and his second driver were consulting where the
> next gear would be at that time,
> PS. There were no paved roads but a lot of trees.
> In Putna were a lot of Gypsies.
> Hardy

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