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Telephones were first available in Czernowitz as early as 1883, just a single year behind Vienna! The Czernowitz telephone network was licensed to and implemented by the "Consolidated Telephone Construction and Maintenance Comp. Limited" in London

company name changed subsequently to "Telephone Company of Austria Limited"

which began telephone operation in Lemberg, Bielitz-Biala, CZERNOWITZ, Pilsen and Reichenberg in 1883. From the Czernowitz University Library I've got a copy of the Bukovina 1909 Telephone Directory, which I published, including a download link to the PDF original copy, just here:

Beside Czernowitz, you'll discover more Bukovinian telephone networks, such as those for Itzkany,  Radautz, Sadagora, Sereth, Storozhynetz, Suczawa, Wiznitz and others included in the directory.

Enjoy this pre WW1 source! Best wishes!

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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> Thanks for the answer, Edgar.
> Do you happen to know when telephones were first available
> in Czernowitz? By 1940 my mother had a vacuum cleaner,
> I think that telephones were available earlier.
> Mimi
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