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Date: Sun, 4 May 2014 20:59:39 -0700
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I originally sent this to Iosef in response to his post, but I meant
it to go to the list as well. Hopefully this will be helpful to those
using gmail on our list:

Hi Iosef et al... Just a few notes regarding gmail

Yes, you're correct, this is a less convenient, but it's all there in
gmail. For example, in your message below:

To see all the address fields, move the mouse to the right of the To:
field, and you will see a little box with a down pointing arrow. Left
click on the arrow, and it brings up:

from: Jewish Czernowitz-Bukowina Discussion Group <Czernowitz-L_at_cornell.edu>
reply-to: iosif vaisman <iosif.vaisman_at_gmail.com>
to: Bruce Reisch <bruce.reisch_at_cornell.edu>
cc: CZERNOWITZ-L <CZERNOWITZ-L_at_list.cornell.edu>,
 David Glynn <glynn_at_spontini.co.uk>
date: Sun, May 4, 2014 at 7:28 PMsubject: Re: [Cz-L] What has happened
to the List emails?mailing list: czernowitz-l.cornell.edu Filter
messages from this mailing list

In the top bar of the 'reply box', you will see a 'flying arrow' at
the left. Mouse over it, and it says 'Type of response'; click and it
displays the following choices:

Reply to Iosef vaisman
Reply to All
Edit subject
Pop out reply (whatever that means)

At the bottom of the Reply box on the same line as the 'Send' button,
over to the right is another down pointing arrow. Mouse over it and
you get 'More options'. Left click and you can toggle
plain text mode (all further messages you write will be in plain text
until you uncheck 'plain text').

Less than delightfully easy to use, but I guess one gets used to it.


p.s. Just for completeness for other gmail users...
Just to the right of the time at the top of the received message are
the Reply options along with other options. The 'Show Original' option
will give all the headers along with the entire original message.

And: At the very bottom of the Reply box, there's something like [...]
in grey. If you click on that it will include the message you're
replying to.


On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 7:28 PM, Jewish Czernowitz-Bukowina Discussion
Group <Czernowitz-L_at_cornell.edu> wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> for me the new header arrangement is a very significant inconvenience.
> Unfortunately, gmail does not allow to display "Reply-to" line instead
> of "From" line, which makes managing list messages reading very
> difficult. Even worse is that gmail box can be searched by the field
> "From", but not by the field "Reply-to", which will hinder search for
> old messages by sender. In short, a large part of the list
> functionality is lost with the new settings.
> Best,
> Iosif
> On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 9:09 PM, Jewish Czernowitz-Bukowina Discussion
> Group <Czernowitz-L_at_cornell.edu> wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> A problem cropped up last week with a message that Fred Weisinger sent to
>> the list. His email was rejected by most of our subscriber's email
>> providers, so relatively few got to see Fred's email. The apparent cause
>> of the problem was the fact that Fred's email showed his email address in
>> the "From" column (. . . yahoo.com), but the email didn't originate from a
>> Yahoo.com email server. Instead, it was sent out by a Cornell University
>> email server. This seems to be a sign of a possible "spam" message, and
>> at this time the message rejections appear to be limited to emails from
>> yahoo email users. I expect that this might spread further beyond yahoo
>> email addresses, but wanting to give Fred a fair chance to post (and two
>> more of his messages just went out moments ago), I changed the From line
>> to show that this message, originating from a Cornell U. server, comes
>> from a cornell.edu email address.
>> The many subscribers who receive messages in the form of a single daily
>> digest have always had a "From" column indicating that the message
>> originated from the Czernowitz-List - not an individual.
>> Since hitting the "Reply" button will still send your response back to the
>> individual poster, you still need to press "Reply All" if you'd like your
>> reply to go to the entire list. That much hasn't changed.
>> If this turns out to be a big problem, I'll look for another solution, but
>> this is the only solution I have right now.
>> Bruce

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