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While I sympathize with many of you, I was one of those who had to
pick a gmail account in addition to my att.net account. I don't have
Outlook. It takes time to learn about the settings but now it comes
up separately when I hit the Internet explorer start button. One of
the tabs goes straight to the gmail login. It's permanently set on
Plain text. I can see all the people to whom the email was addressed.
 I'm happy that I can now separate my CZ emails from my other emails
by hitting a tab and just signing in. While I, too, would have like
to keep this mail in my att.net account, I'm acclimating to the fact
that change must occur.

Considering CZ-L is a free site by site managers who use their own
time and don't charge me to participate, I am happy to accommodate
them, especially with problems not of their own making. I think we
just have to adjust.

Shelley Mitchell,
granddaughter of the "Belle" of Kolomea who could read and speak 4 or
5 languages, who proudly learned English when she came to America, and
who taught me about adapting to change. May she rest in peace

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[All: We understand the scope of the problem now, and it's being
worked on. Please
be patient --Bruce & Jerome]

Iosif is right, I'm facing exactly the same problems using Outlook and
my iPad/iPhone.

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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