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Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 14:52:45 -0400
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I remember my mother taking me to Friedman's in the early summer, eating outside . I can still taste their potato soup made with new potatoes and new peas. At other times she would take me there and buy me some Belägte Brödchen and a small glass of beer. I loved the ones made with Icra. Beer was supposed to have had special nutritional value for children. Perhaps it did: I am still here.

 Thanks for the memories.


> Here is a photo of Friedman's Restaurant taken in 1987 from your cousin Fanny Cooper
> Best,
> jerome
> On 14-05-20 04:33 PM, dow friedman wrote:
>> I never saw a photo of oncle's Meshulim restaurant.
>> The only thing I remember as a child of 5-6 years old is a large entrance . To the left of the main building was a empty place that was used as a sommer garden with tables and chaires as an extention of the restaurant. At the end was the second building , a one store building were oncle Mesulim, ount Shifre and grandmother Perl lived. My mother Genia took me often to see my Omma Perl (mother of Meshulim). One thing in my mind is the litle package with a cooky that ount Shifre hang on a knop of my shirt when we visited them.
>> All the fame of this restaurant should be atributed to tante Shifre. She was the real motor.
>> For us Jews life is a cruel world. When the Soviets took over they deported them to Siberia because they were considered capitalist and exploteurs of the workers. Then came the nazies and deported the rest os the Friedmans.
>> Dow
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