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Great story with important lessons for us all about encouraging interest in
our past among our children, and giving thanks to those who help us to pass
along and preserve our history. Thanks for sharing.

Dale Prince

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Dear all,

Our Benjamin turned seven recently. He realised a few weeks ago that if he
is alive now, he must have had ancestors stretching back to the stone age
and beyond. He was thrilled with this thought and asked me, who were my

I took down the photo of my family taken in about 1915 (Vienna, in the Ehpes
album) and told him, here are some of them. He took it from me and told his
brother (3), "These were YOUR ancestors Joely!" Then he asked all sorts of
questions about their army uniforms, at which point he got a lesson about
the Telegraph Regiment and an introduction to the name, Cornel Fleming...

"I am going to put this up in my room," he told me, and off he went. So I
don't have my favourite photo in the kitchen any more and I am very, very
proud of my lovely boy.

Thank you all for being here to share your knowledge, wisdom and stories.
Jerome and Bruce: kol hakovod! And a hug, albeit a digital one, for all that
you do.

Warm regards,

Shula Klinger

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