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To refute his argument you must prove that there was not a single
case of antisemitism in the ganze K. u K. army .
  Can you do ?

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>I have just been to a lecture by Prof. Derek Penslar (look him up on
> and as a result bought his book"Jews and the Military". In the book he
> says "Jews in Austria-Hungary had a motive for fighting,a fierce dynastic
> loyalty due to its stalwart identification of the governing regime with
> the
> protection of Jewish rights". But. he also says that"Jews in the Dual
> Monarchy's military forces documented brutal,unremitting,and oppressive
> anti-Semitism...yet there were also displays of friendship,tolerance and
> respect". In the foot-notes his comment re anti-Semitism appears to be
> based on "The prominent Hungarian Rabbi Jekutiel Judah Greenwald who
> wrote
> a decidedly lachrymose narrative of his war service with an account of
> brutal and humiliating anti-Semitism". Now my question...many members
> of my family fought for Franz Joseph and none of them reported this. Since
> the Prof is based here in England I would like to challenge this bit of
> his
> any family stories from the list might be of value!! Best to
> all, Cornel
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